Wider Apps and Scrolling page

Not sure if my title is worded correctly, but here is what I am wondering how to accomplish inside my app.

I have Tournament brackets that will be wider than the screen. So I am wondering how to create my page to allow for much wider (data) and scroll left and ride to view the brackets.



I believe you can make your page fixed width and then make it, say, 3000px wide and that should do the trick.

Thank you! Exactly what I needed!

Now to figure out how to get some items to stay in place. :slight_smile:


Do you think it is possible to make width dynamic based on the content?

Unless something changed recently, this won’t be possible. I ran into this issue with an app of mine and never found a solution for it, unfortunately.

DO you know how to set the view of the page on first load? Right now with a wide page it automatically shows the far left of the screen (Bracket). I need it to be focused on the middle of the bracket.

I’m not aware of a good way to do this natively within Bubble. You may be able to use a plugin or custom Javascript to achieve this. For example, the plugin CSS Tools looks like it may enable this.

thank you

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