Wierd zoom/focus thing


I am building a web-app with a simple input box, but this weird interaction started happening.

It’s easier to watch but basically once the user has completed the input the screen zooms in on the field. I would get it if it zooms at the start to “focus” but afterwards seems like a bug. Not sure how to stop it… any ideas? :slight_smile:

Commenting for later. I am having this same issue and would like to see what is suggested.

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I’m seeing this too. Have you filled a bug report?

no not yet, wasn’t sure if it was a bug or something we can fix ourselves…

Would think so, don’t know how we could fix this ourselves.

It appears to happen only when hitting “done” on the keyboard. When an input is focused, and you shift focus directly to another, it doesn’t happen.


Bug reported to @Bubble


Experiencing this same issue. Hopefully @Bubble can fix this. It is horrible.

If this is only happening on mobile (specifically iOS), make sure your field input font has a size of 16px or greater. Safari automatically zooms the view for input fields when the font size is less than 16px.

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Yah, it’s not that. I know about the 16px issue, but this is happening no matter the size and it’s a quick zoom in and then it zooms back out again for me. Definitely a glitch.

Official @Bubble response

Thanks for reaching out. We were able to confirm the issue on our end, and will communicate with our engineering team about this. Although we can’t commit to a definite timeline right now, they will look into the issue shortly and we will get back to you as soon as it is fixed. Please let us know if you have additional questions in the meantime.


I have also been going crazy trying to fix this all morning. Thanks so much for posting and reporting.

Edit: I also only found this issue when testing using an iphone 8 plus. This did not happen when testing using a Pixel 2, at least for me.

Yeah… its an iOS thing (I think)

This has now been fixed by the amazing @Bubble engineers :+1:t3:

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Hey @pauljamess,

This is still happening for me. Did you have to upgrade or do something differently?

My app is also exhibiting this behaviour still.

you need to deploy a new version to live.

test in version-test then deploy :slight_smile:

Happening in version-test

working for me… hmm video to see if it’s the same bug? :thinking:

I’m not sure how to send video it wont let me