Will not Show Users Waiting for Approval

I was trying to make a admin approval software when I checked the app data for it to say that 5 users were waiting for approval, but not showing any of the users. I’ve fiddeled around with this for a little and can’t find out what to do, can anyone help?

Hi, have you tried looking at live data? switch to live

Hi, I tried live as well and it still didn’t show the information.

Do you mind sharing your editor to diagnose your workflows of creating users?

You can do this by going into settings/general and changing app rights to anyone can view.
then copy your editor link and paste it here or send to me in a private message.

If not (& you are on a paid tier of bubble) your best option would be to contact bubble support for help.

Sure, https://bubble.io/page?version=test&name=index&id=cad-system---&tab=tabs-1

Try refreshing your editor or click refresh data, your users appear for me

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Thank you so much! I’m new to bubble and I really appreciate it. Another thing weird is my screen isn’t showing the refresh data button on the bottom. Any idea on how to get my screen to the correct size?

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I’m not sure