Will pay as much as I can — convert doc file to Json

Hi Bubblers,

I’ve been stuck on this problem for weeks already.

Problem: I would need to create a function where I can upload a document file, parse the content, and convert it into json. After converting, I would need to create things from the json file and link the different datatypes together.

I’ve been checking multiple API conversion services but nothing seems to do the trick. They only produce one format. Although contents of my documents are structured (content are in tables), there are still minor differences in the structure.

We’re also unable to request or change the way how these third party API services produce the result.

I’m almost convinced that I’d need to use a custom code through javascript or python libraries for this specific function.

Please prove me wrong or set up the custom function for me. I’ll pay as much as I can.

Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


I’ve been working on a similar thing recently. In my case, it’s a CV/resume (in an unknown format each time) and I’ve been able to format it into consistently structured JSON data, and therefore store it in a structured way in the Bubble database (for example, phone number, list of previous roles, education). You can then use those results for whatever purpose you want (in my example, I output it reformatted into a more consistently styled PDF).

The method I’ve used doesn’t use any custom code or Python and it works pretty well.

Drop me a DM if you’d like to discuss options (I could work you through my example in an hour, although I’ll struggle before Friday).


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Hello @info.ripeet - I have great experience with custom code (JS and Python) and have 6+years of experience with Bubble.

If you’re up for it, let’s do a meeting to better understand you’re problem and to get to know us.

Here’s my link: https://calendar.app.google/H3EsbSZuZsFzd24E6

I’m willing to build you a custom plugin that can do this either with AI or another library I know of. DM me if you’d like.

Hello @info.ripeet

Give this API a try and let us know how things go :wink:


Hey @info.ripeet do you still need help with this, I built something for myself to do this, I could build one for you to use.