Will pay: Automation solution

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to pay for a solution - I currently don’t care how it’s done, but would prefer something scalable.

I have a CRM-type application (B2B). My customers manage their own customers in the platform.

I’ve asked about automation a couple of times now, and realise that “out of the box” Bubble simply won’t allow me to do it (at least as far as I can tell).

I’m now wondering if I can go down the custom code/plugin route.

I want my users to be able to set up their own automations, without me having to manually set up a load of workflows, and create some convoluted database triggers.

For example:

Use case

Users have the requirement to set up automation flows based on their business logic. So they can create repeatable, templated, data-driven processes. They should be able to create an automation, select what the trigger is and when to fire it and what action to take. The data being used is dynamic, they need to specify the “field” and the “value” that triggers an action.


A user creates an automation as follows:

  1. They want to create an automation related to their customer “contracts”
  2. They select the field from the database that they want to trigger from, in this case we’ll say “Contract End Date”.
  3. They then select when the trigger will fire, let’s say, “90 days before contract end date”.
  4. They decide what they want to trigger, in this case they want to create and assign a task (let’s assume a task template has already been created).
  5. The automation should run, whenever conditions are met.

A few important considerations:

  1. All my users are on the same database, seperated by privacy rules.

  2. Creating a load of default automation and having the customer simply choose the ones they want, won’t work - they have to be able to do this themselves and tailor them to their needs.

Any help is appreciated and if you can solve the problem, please reach out ASAP so we can get going, it’s quite urgent.


This can pretty easily be achieved via backend workflows. I’m time strapped & not for hire, but I would not charge more than $250 for this.

This is like 3 hours of work, max.

You really don’t need a custom plug-in or any custom code.

You’d set up a backend workflow and you’d assign parameters to it. Some of them optional, and some of them required.

You would then set up your front-end page to where users can place their requirements into Input boxes // drop downs.

Finally, you’d have a big button they’d press when finished. The button would trigger an API workflow (backend) and you would plug the users inputs into the parameters you set up in the backend.

The parameters will be visible on your front-end workflow editor.

Automatic workflows just sounds again like setting up an a backend workflow that is set to be recurring.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful. Again, based on what you described, I honestly cannot see it being too difficult for experienced bubblers.

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Thanks mate, this is helpful.

I’ll take another stab at it and see how far I can get!

Given that Bubble recurring events options are not dynamic you’ll have difficulty creating a solution that is SaaS. It will eventually end up being convoluted and unscalable. I’d recommend other solutions like XANO that can create REST API, Write Custom code based on parameters sent by users and let it host the automation. I don’t have the specifics on this but Xano seems powerful enough


Thanks both for your help.

I can do the front end/recurrence bit and using your suggestion, @drixxon, I’ve got a basic API workflow set up with the parameters, so I think I’m getting there.

If you have a moment, could you just help me with an example so I can replicate it?


In this case, the things I need to understand:

  1. How can I allow the user to pick the trigger, without me creating it for them.
    Let’s assume I want the trigger to be “when [STATUS] changes to “ACTIVE””

Note: It could be any field and any value within that field (either option set or custom field).

  1. The user should be able to pick who the task is assigned to - in this case “CSM” and “Coach” are both options that can be linked to a different data type. So what I want is for the user to say, “I want this task to be assigned to the CSM that’s associated with this customer”.


As I say, I feel that I am close to at least some kind of solution here but struggling to connect up the front/back end bits.

The more I think about it, the more I think I might just better creating these all manually for now, so advice on that would be welcome.

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