End user > email sequences + basic automations

I’d like to include for our end users the following functionality for a new product we are playing with:

  1. Email sequences, with email templates. E.g. a user can set up a series of 4/5 emails to be sent to a list of, or single user at predetermined times they choose (e.g. after email 1 is sent, wait 3 days send email 2)
  2. Create, and let the user user basic automations, e.g. ‘when user sends email’ create new ‘deal’ - this is the automation, that they can select/ configure - but the system will take care of the actual automation.

These are a little complex, so I just want to know if these are something that is possible before we get too far down the rabbit hole.


I have accomplished this in my application, I will say the logistics of sending emails is fairly straight forward, however receiving them is another animal. I can help you along the way if needed… I know I would have really enjoyed some help on that front when I was developing that function… lol.

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@laflash8 that would be awesome!! I’ll flick you a DM, perhaps we can connect via email?


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