Will simultaneously setting a list & adding its elements work?

I need to come up with a genealogy tree-like functionality for obejcts, so for every descendant I create a need to first copy its parent’s list of ancestors, and then add the parent itself as the last ancestor. Question: Can I do this in one go?

Like this:

Yes, but instead of “set list” I would do “add list”

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Thx! As for adding vs setting: afaik, “add list” adds new items to an already existing list. Since its a newly created object, there’s no elements in its list, so what’s the point “adding” it?

You can do “set list,” but I’m not sure if Bubble will run actions according to the order you have it. Eg. Set list prior to adding another item to a list.

I believe using “add list” just adds items to your empty list anyway. In my opinion it’s just a safer way for me because I’m not sure if Bubble runs actions according to the order.

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