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Will this work for a newspaper website?


I’m wondering if this would work for a local newspaper. We’re interested in uploading news stories from our paper on a daily basis. This would require a dynamic type of website that indicates the date of the article and its own page or pop up page (like usatoday) of the article. We have front pages and virtual paper and our paper is bilingual so we would need a home page and then a channel/button that says Inicio (Spanish for Home).

We’re looking around to see where we can change and improve our website.

Thank you!

It sounds very doable. Bubble is actually build for sites that are more dynamic than that, where users/readers could, for instance, create their own content.

But if you can do more you can do less. You’d have to build your own admin panel to submit posts, but it’s definitely doable. I’d say if there is a Wordpress template that fits you already that’d be a faster route, but bubble will definitely offer you more possibilities in the longer term, both in terms of design and features.