Need Advice - Publishing / News Site / WP

Hi All,

I’ve been using Bubble for more than a year to develop my business. I’m now transitioning to a publishing format, sharing news content with users as the main / most critical feature of my site.

It seems to me that WP is better suited for content, but

  1. I love bubble and don’t want to leave
  2. I need the data organization that WP seems to lack…(beyond users, I have things “pets” and relationships.) I’m hesitant to trust that WP can create and store this information. I plan to have features beyond the publishing element that rely on the data and Bubble’s custom functionality.

The only thing I can think of to display content is an RG of a thing type “news.” But this leaves no room for customization of posts (putting a key paragraph in a colored box, styling, etc.)

I just wanted to ask if anyone has some amazing plugin or solution that I’m not aware of for running a publishing app on Bubble.

P.S. I have only been on WP with a temporary site for three days to play around, and I already have a 500 error that I’m trying to figure out! I miss using bubble full time :frowning:


hey, you can totally remain on bubble to build an awesome publishing platform with custom formatting, tags, categories and authors etc.

i’ve built on Bubble which is essentially a publishing platform.

Happy to help with any specific questions. :grinning:


Thank you! Maybe I just needed someone to tell me it was possible. I’m going to continue creating from scratch since I’m a bit too controlling for a template :smiley: but thank you for showing me!!