Normal Mode Preview is showing different (undesirable output) then the slow and step by step debug mode (desirable output)


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I am creating my first native app with bubble. When I am taking the preview, the slow and step by step debug mode is showing me the correct output, also, their is no issues. While when i am doing a preview without debug mode preview, the app isn’t working fine. Can you help? It is urgent.

Hi there, @team_wiingy… what you are experiencing could be related to the order of operations in workflows because step-by-step mode runs each step in sequence as you move from step to step, but running the workflow normally doesn’t necessarily work that way.

Anyway, check out that link and see if it helps.



As indicated by @mikeloc ‘normal’ running of workflows no longer follows the sequence you created the actions. It did in the past but Bubble updated so that DB operations run in batch. i.e all other operations are completed and DB operations run later. If you depend heavily on DB operations then using Result of Step X seems to help as opposed to using Parent Group Thing in the workflow. In the case of Backend Workflow avoid making changes to the Thing passed to the backend.

Lets assume

Step 1 : Thing’s variable x value is changed
Step 2: Things’s new variable x value is mathematically changed to obtain another value relevant to your operation.

In step 2, it will advisable to use Result of Step 1 instead of Thing Passed as the data to modify. If you make change to Thing passed in step 2, it will ignore step 1 operation and even at times complete step 2 before step 1


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