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Workaround for Showing GroupFocus on Hover

Hi @wsu.app18 :slight_smile: This is very similar to @SerPounce’s solution, but a similar potential workaround could be to have a single, transparent groupfocus element, which contains both the menu and the submenu UI elements within it. The hoverable and clickable menu and submenu elements could be group and text elements within the transparent group focus element:

This should look the same as your setup but the elements should stay visible since the transparent group focus will be considered hovered when any of the elements within it are hovered. The only downside is if the header floats to the top, the transparent part of the group focus might cover a clickable element on the page if the user has scrolled down.

A different workaround would be to keep your setup as is, but add additional workflows such as:

Do when condition is true (every time), only when: Groupfocus 2 is hovered and Groupfocus 1 isn’t visible–>
Show Groupfocus 1

However, there might be a slight ‘flash’ on the page because Groupfocus 1 will hide and then become visible as the User moves from Groupfocus 1 to Groupfocus 2.

I hope that either of those might do the trick, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to disturb you again.
I am have made a video when text has hovered it will show Group Focus.

But when I take the mouse to Group Focus it disappears
Can you tell me what’s the solution for this…


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Does anyone have a solution for this?


Need to set up conditionals so that when the groupfocus is hovered it is visible


I have checked, we cannot set the condition which you suggested in the group focus

Checkout this forum post that shows how to set up something similar with images being shown on hover, which uses the groupfocus to contain the image.