Workflow - Action - Thing Lookup

Experienced programmer, new to Bubble, trying to simply lookup data from within an action. I see Data (Things), but only see options for creating, updating, copying, and deleting. Is there no option to lookup data from within an action itself?

What exactly are you trying to do?..

Elements are meant to look up data. Text boxes show text, images show… Images.

In those elements, you either do a search for something, or you call data from Current user.

I have a form collecting information from a user. On form submit I’m triggering a Workflow and wanted to lookup an appropriate book for them from my Books App Data. Hmm. I’m guessing I’m needing to read more, I’m gathering I’m not thinking about the interplay between design/workflow/data the right way yet. Any guidance here would be appreciated, thank you! :pray:

@GenerativeLabs, if you haven’t completed Bubble’s tutorials, they are a great place to start to get some good foundational knowledge. You could also invest the time in this video from one of the best in the no-code business.

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