Workflow action to set page content source?

Is there any way (other than using url parameters) to set the source content of a page?

Example case: user navigates to profile page directly via URL, page doesn’t load their profile because that data is sent to the page via the ‘My Profile’ link.


Did you get an answer to this?


Explore the action “go to page” and the box “data to send”. This requires that you set the content type of the destination page to whatever it is that you are sending.

Thanks. However, can we not change the content of a page while being on it? It need not be navigation always.

Let’s say user does some action and chooses something from a dropdown and I want to set that as the content source of the page. Or let’s say user logs in while being on the page and I want to change the content of the page to some property of the user or user itself.

I know that I can work it around with custom states. Just trying to understand if I can set the data of the page itself (Just like we can set data of a group), as that is cleaner.

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Data yes, type no

But setting a page type does not mean that you cannot have other data via searches, or url parameters, etc.

By declaring an page to have a type you are just making the receiving of data of that type without url parameters

How do I set data of the page? When I use “Display Data” and select the page, it doesn’t accept any value except empty.


On the page properties box set it’s type

and … as is shown on the pic I posted you can set the data to send in the go to page action

Are you suggesting to do that even if I am on same page already? Would that not cause page to get reloaded? Or maybe that action won’t run itself?

@cmarchan how can we set the type of content of a page to the API response data. I have only user data type in db. when i click on type of content of page it shows only user type.

How to extract API response data for page?