Is there a better way to send data to a page when navigated to from an external website?

I have a page that has elements that load data based on the path ID. This page is navigated to from external websites (not Bubble). For example, my Bubble page is:


Group A’s source searches for ID 24234234

I want to set the page type of content to also load data based on the path. I am doing the following:

When page is loaded (only when current page type data is empty):
Navigate to page:
Destination: pageB
Data to send: search for data using URL path
Replace entry in browser history = yes

Essentially I am reloading the page to accomplish this. Is there a better way to do this?

I am struggling with the exact same problem. Looking forward to some feedback!

Essential plugin

@anon65040322 Thanks for the link. Looks like a nice plugin but I do not see how that could solve my problem? Basically I pass a parameter to a Bubble page via QR code. In that URL a unique_id of a Thing in my DB is already transmitted. However that parameter is only a String to Bubble and I cannot tell Bubble to convert that unique_id to a Thing so I can access that Thing via “This pages Thing”. I can so that easily if a navigate to the page from a Bubble internal page by using “Send data” in the Navigate workflow. Problem to me is how to do that via external link so to say
@stephencharles Did you find a solution in the meantime since your post is ~1 year old?


it solves this problem: " Is there a better way to send data to a page when navigated to from an external website?"

Instead of using parameters you can have friendly url.