Workflow and data is being deleted

Why my data and workflow is deleted when i logged in after 10 hours

We need more information than that. What exactly is happening? Are you getting error messages? Are elements getting deleted, or just workflows?

Also, how does Blockspring factor into this? I see you labeled this thread with Blockspring, so any information you can provide about that will be helpful.

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First of thanks Andre for replying to this question.
Let me tell you the exact scene

I m building a job portal I have made yesterday login page and signup page and dashboard where company can post a job.

On today when I use to do login the work flow is deleted in login page and signup page and the amazing happen is that elements remained as it is.

But in dashboard page I also did not found the element too ,so also their would not be any work flow associated with it.

I think it may find helpful to understand my pain point while using bubble app.Since I m iterating on it on free version once the UI and database is completed I will switch to paid version.

Just an idea but it could be that internet connection when you were last working in the editor was weak or the editor was stuck in ‘Saving’ mode and any changes you made leading up to last logging out weren’t actually saved. It may have looked like they were saved as you moved around the editor in the session but when you logged out any changes were lost.

Always keep an eye on the status next to the Help at the top of the screen - even when your connection is good - the save function can get stuck - especially if your app is getting heavy with workflows.

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No it’s not that problem because Once I completed my work flow I have check by previewing it.So I think It is not like that.

Can you tell me this offenly happen with unpaid account…??

You can still preview even if it hasn’t saved. I’m on a paid account and it happens at least once a day where I it get stuck in ‘Saving…’ and I have to refresh the browser. I lose a few changes to some Workflows each time. Nothing major.

But importantly as far as I recall you can still preview while it’s Saving…even if / when it’s stuck in ‘Saving…’

Anyway, just an idea.

The work has been saved that I have done I can surely say that because when i m done with all that after it i have refresh the page lot’s of time as due to my internet connectivity but at that time not changes was found things are remained same