Workflow for data working in Development but not in Live

Has anyone experienced workflows functioning correctly in DEV but not in LIVE?
I have a workflow that moves bits of data around (copies) them to a temp list and displays the item.
It works perfectly fine in development but not once I publish to live. It doesn’t copy the fields in the live version.

Not sure if that the issue, but it was my problem in a similar matter.
It could be coming from the fact that the dev database and live database are not the same.
You can copy the dev database to the live one.

I understand I can copy the Dev data to Live but that’s not quite what I’m asking.
What the workflow does is copy 2 fields from a repeating group into another Thing in the database which is accessable to a popup I have to show the selected item from the repeating group to all users currently viewing the app.

This process works perfect in the development version and shows the relevant data but after publishing, the copying of the 2 fields doesn’t happen. This is what I can’t figure out.

I’m having a similar problem - was there any resolution here? Thanks!

Hi, sorry I never saw this comment. I can’t remember what I did but it’s working the way I need it to. It had to do with creating a group and making the data equal to the parent’s data. (In this case, text)