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Workflow - If any value in column changes


I am wanting to trigger a workflow any time a value in the ‘status’ column of my Data changes. Doesn’t matter which row. Whats the best way to approach this?

The workflow will then publish an alert, bringing attention to them that a something on the dashboard has changed.

More information would be helpful…like screen shots of your set up, the use case and what it is that changes the status.

Without that information I am not sure my advice will be appropriate.

If you use inputs, there is a workflow event for ‘when input value is changed’ that allows you to trigger actions when that input value is changed. I don’t think that will allow you to make just a single step for “any value” as it is specific to the single input selected for the trigger.

Alternatively if you are focused on just ensuring the ‘status’ and you have the data in a repeating group, the single event should work on the input if any of the inputs in any cell of R.G. is changed.

Check this very basic example

You can make it so the input has an initial value equal to the current cells value ( whatever your use case is that data type )

Thanks, your right I should have given more detail.

This is a headless dashboard, so no inputs. I want to alert the user to look at the dashboard when any value in the status field changes.
I got some help through DM and currently I have it working by populating a state list on page load from the data field, then running a second workflow where it looks for differences between the data and the state list.

Im open to other suggestions as well, it helps me learn!


You can trigger a custom event when data changes. I haven’t really used this much but you may be able to create a recursive scenario where this would work.

More info here:

The method you described sounds like it will work when the user is active online, so they would be alerted to changes that take place while they are online. That is because custom states only last as long as the user is on the page.

In terms of having a workflow run on page load to populate a list of states, which I assume is using a search of some kind could slow down your page load as the list gets large. Also, if you are not and want to keep using this method, you should put those workflows into your reusable header so you don’t forget to add it to every page.

If you want to alert a user to changes in the status field that takes place while they are offline, so that when they log in they can see an alert of any changes that took place while they were not active online, the custom state list approach wouldn’t do that.

To get that done, you’d want to take an approach similar to pushing a “read” alert in a messaging app.

Off the top of my head, I’d say you could set things up in the D.B. on your data type that has the field status to have another field “was_seen” as a yes/no, so that when a user looks at the dashboard you update the “was_seen” to yes for all items in the dashboard, then when values change in the status field, you’d set the “was_seen” to no automatically.

Also, if you want to get a bit fancier, when the user is on the dashboard when a status value changes, you would set something up to show a status of the user is on the dashboard, and then as status values change, have conditionals when saving the “was_seen” so that if the user is on the dashboard the “was_seen” is yes at the time of saving.

Then when a user logs in, you would run a search of the data field “was_seen” = no; and trigger the alert when the count is greater than zero.

This is basically the same as showing read receipts and new messages for a messaging app.

similar to @eli suggestion, this video goes through that process for a messaging app

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You can use the ‘Do when’ with the condition that that value is not empty. It will run every time the value changes (except when it’s changed to null - in which case you can setup another similar workflow)

thanks @boston85719
This dashboard is essentially a static digtial sign with no user interaction, no log on/off. Its always running and always displaying. Since its always up there I wanted an alert to notify the staff to look at the sign.

Your suggestion is very helpful in learning the different methods of using bubble and I appreciate it

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Interesting, ill give that condition a try

Can you use this with a list of values?

I think the list shifter plugin might be able to do that

I haven’t explored it too much, but if it can trigger an event when a value changes on the list it should

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