Workflow not working for filters

Hello All,

I’m using the workflows for the drop down filters and it’s not working.

It works fine when I set the limits through the RepeatingParentGrouping Conditional tab but I’m looking to do it through workflows…

Note: workflow for other actions excluding: repeatingparentgroup is working fine

Would appreciate any help on this.

Is Dropdown City required? If not, and you run that flow, it won’t have any results unless you check the Ignore empty constraints

It’s not required but tried the ignore empty constraints and still nothing

Another note: on the debugger, it’s showing that it filtered the events but it’s not happening on page

Hi there, @ahmed_ahmed1… I don’t believe Ignore empty constraints works in conjunction with the :filtered operator. So, I could be off base here, but you might need to have two workflow steps… one with the city constraint that only runs when the dropdown isn’t empty and one without the city constraint that only runs when the dropdown is empty.


Tried but no luck…

Also, tried doing it through do a search for but also didn’t work

Thanks for suggestion guys

Oh, you’re totally right @mikeloc—that won’t work with :filtered.

@ahmed_ahmed1 can you just change your data source for the set state workflow to be a Do a search for? Rather than referencing the RG.


This is unlikely, but after reading this part I just want to make sure you don’t have another workflow that is accidentally clearing the state before it’s visible on the page.

Good point but nope, I don’t have any workflows overlapping

I’ve switched to Do a search for and still no luck

Curious to know why it wouldn’t work with filtered? What’s the difference between filtered & do a search for

If you have a database of all the colours in the world and their respective hex values, and you want to find the hex value of the colour blue, then

Do a search for and colour = blue; will lookup (back-end) the colours database for the colour blue and return that result

filtered and colour = blue; will return* (front-end) all the colours from the database, and then look through that list for the colour blue and return the result.

Hence do a search for will almost always be faster than using filtered, if trying to look through large amounts of data

N:B: I realise this is a very simplified explanation of how the two actually operate, but this should capture the main difference

Ok , makes sense, thanks for the explantation @bryan_333

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