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Workflow trigger based on day of week?

I would like to create a workflow where a state of a group is changed when the day of the week is a wednesday.

How do I do this? (sorry, I’m still a bit of a noob lol)

Set a condition “where Current Date Time formatted as ddd is Wed”, this will check and match for a wednesday.


And you can do the same thing in the worklflow using a Do when condition, then simply set the state as required.

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Thanks so much!!! It works perfectly.

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I’m glad it did!

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If you create a time-based workflow like this, what acts at the trigger? When on Wednesday will it run? Does Bubble scan for these regularly? With what frequency? Or does it have to be tied to some activated workflow, so that the time or date is just an additional condition for whether the workflow runs?

You can use scheduled API events.

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