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Workflows - is it fair?

Is it fair that when we work on the test version of the app - “/version-test” the workflow counts together with the workflows from the deployed app?
What do you guys think?

Regards Claudiu

The way we think about it is:

  1. it’s the same cost for us
  2. it should be relatively low, and basically covered by the free or personal plan
  3. if we don’t then people would use the test version in production…

I have no problem with it.
It’s not like bubble is expensive to begin with compared to what you get out of it.


Sounds totally fair to me! Just because the Test Workflows are minimal (compared to Production workflows) doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be counted.

Though… I wonder how he even knew that they were being counted.

Question: I’ve often wondered if there was any way to see the Workflow count. For if there was, I could design my app more efficiently, to use less Workflow points.


You can view the total Workflow count (per month) by clicking on the Logs tab:


Thanks for your your reply Faye! But…

Are all Workflows equal? I understand Workflows pertain to data access, and not client side operations. But what constitutes a Workflow? 1 per record? 1 per page? What about filtered results? A Workflow may need to read many records, only returning a few.

I was hoping there was something like a app level Workflow counter, so I could optimize my app’s data access. Maybe in the future there will be something like this.

To be honest, I’m a long way off from needing this kind of info, but as a long time programmer, this is just something I’ve been wondering about.

My two cents. Bubble is a fast growing dynamic program. The guys building it are dedicated and improving on it every day. The relatively low cost of the program not only pays for the incredible benefits it provides, but also ensures these guys continue to improve it, which in turn only increases the value proposition.

I look forward to the day when I can move to the enterprise level, because that will validate the success of what I have been able to build with this tool.

So worth it? I would say it is worth every penny.


Let’s just hope they keep the costs down… :sweat: Without Bubble, all our work is for moot.

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My company spent over $10 million in server costs for Q2 in 2015. Well, not MY company, the company I work for. I think Bubble is priced fine :slight_smile:

nr 3. answered my question. it makes total sense

Absolutely! Bubbles fees are a real bargain compared to other low-or-no-code development environments. Fully hosted live accounts start at just $19 a month. Even a full on Production account with UNLIMITED Workflows is only $480.

Actually, that’s a serious bargain, compared to other competitive development environments, which usually cost about $1000 a month for production deployments. And most require you to manage your own server. Then… for that price, they limit usage to “1 core”. That is, even if your CPU has 8 cores, your app or web site only gets to use 1 core. Want to use 4 cores? The price quickly goes up to 4k.

But even then, they fall short on MANY counts. I’ve done the research! Bubble is a truly AMAZING offering. Other than the full on hand-coding platforms, no other no-or-low-code platform has as many live working examples as Bubble, without which any potential developer should be wary. And that’s just one of the many evaluation points on my checklist.

I’ve been watching this market closely for years, just waiting for something as robust as Bubble. When it comes to deploying a profitable and pleasant SAAS business, the development platform IS most critical element.

PS: I’ve only been using Bubble for 10 days. As you can tell, I’ve very impressed.