Workflows missing parameters in scheduling events

Hey everyone,
We are running a on professional plan in bubble.

We have 33 recurring events scheduled each day on the different database things. ( I have restricted to 5 recurring workflow per table as per bubble requirements).

This recurring workflows are majorly for 3 things, to make different queues from databases each day using restrictions & conditions on list of things. To operate on this lists each day at different times. This queue also triggers API calls per day on each of this element on the list by using recursion and giving random gaps of time between them for a certain purpose. They trigger different no of backend workflows in to do changes in tables across the database.

Also privacy issues is also handled properly for workflows from both frontend & backend & have been thoroughly checked.

The issue we are facing is that sometimes this workflows are missing parameters when passing from one schedule a event to another in recursion also( we have made to run in recursion because of long lists) . Also sometimes this events scheduled do not run as desired, API calls are not sent or not sent in some cases, I believe that conditions are not getting checked properly, or getting missed on lists.

While checking the load on capacity, we are using maximum 30 percent of the alloted.

Has anyone faced this similar issues at app on professional plan?

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