Workflows needed

SO the app I’m creating provides a service but acts as an escrow. So basically what I am trying to do is figure out how to setup up the payment system.

I have several different packages for the service providers/merchants and each package is a different price and requires them to pay me a different percentage per booking in each package.

for instance package 1 is $60.00 and 20% per booking is to be paid to me, package 2 $79.99 and 15% is to be paid to me per booking.

Service providers are also allowed to set their own pricing, so until they sign up I don’t know what that pricing is.

Also, I do not want the the customers payment to be released to the vendor until the service has been completed. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


You’re gonna need something like strip or braintree.

Yes Im going to use stripe. Im just not sure how to set up this action…

I have not messed with strip nor have I read into everything strip can do. And I’m not sure how to setup the service provider pricing from bubble to strip. Its all api stuff but I’ve seen a lot of questions with strip integration.

I know how to do the pricing and api stuff its just the precise way I need it to function I have no clue how to do lol. Hopefully I can get some answers or I’ll have to consider another way.