I want to create a subscription based platform. I can't use Stripe or Braintree plugin

I am currently struggling to setup a pay gate for my app. I can’t use stripe or the braintree plugin because my business is registered in South Africa. There are third party plug-ins but not nearly as easy to use as the plugins by bubble which I mentioned earlier. What recommendations do you have? My main struggle is actually how to upgrade the user from free to premium once the payment has been processed. I have set-up my user roles and the amount of access the different tier users have. Now it’s just getting the pay gate up and how to upgrade them automatically once the payment has been authenticated.

I also don’t mind paying for a plug-in that works.

I’m using Paypal for a client project and it’s an unreasonable pain in the ass but I recommend @Thimo’s https://www.subsocket.io/

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Thanks a lot. I’ll check it out.

How much are you asking for a project?

I have flexible ongoing development subscriptions for existing apps from $999/mo (pause to save for later or cancel any time) & build any app from scratch for $10K. Details at https://notquiteunicorns.xyz/