🐛 Workflows not opening and issue checker flickering, anyone else?

So, I click the workflow event to open it but it doesn’t opens.
Tried rebooting my pc and using different browsers, one that I wasn’t even logged in before, to no avail.

Also the issue checker was flickering between “No issues” and a couple issues.

Anyone having this?
Anyone ever had this?
Any clues?

Thanks! I’ll be back in a few hours and fill a bug report if the issue persists and nobody knows a solution here.

I also noticed other people here complaining of other different weird stuff that looks like bugs, so maybe just maybe we’re having some sort of not yet detected instability.

I expirienced this issues too.

Yes, I’m having exactly the same behavior. I have to wait for about 30 secs before I am able to do anything in the editor, but then things seem to settle down.

Also, things are PAINFULLY slow this morning.

Had the same issues several times. Also cannot add actions from workflow editor - nothing is happening.

Not sure your case is the same as mine, but Bubble confirmed to me is a bug with the issue checker.
While they’re fixing it, try placing this at the end of your URL:

This will disable the issue checker. Of course it’s dangerous because you will lose its powers, but if you proceed with caution then you can continue developing.

Also, before that, try using different browsers, clearing browser cache and rebooting your computer.

If even with the issue checker disabled you still have this problem, then by all means report a bug to them. Or just report a bug right away without using this workaround. Your call.

Can one of you submit a bug report with reproduction steps so that we can look into this? If it’s a new behavior we should fix it.

Hi! I did and it shows in my email as #9637 and in my bug tracker like this:

Editor is slow and throws “not ready” error


Task created

Like I said not sure if their issue is the same as mine.

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