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Workflow events not opening


Anyone is experiencing the following :
To open a workflow event you need to click multiple times on the workflow event and different places to open it.
Or you try to click elsewhere and come back on the so-called workflow event.

It happens frequently on Chrome or Edge.

Thanks for any feedback

Yep, same here. Reported to the devs.

The work around I found so far has been to click on the workflow (instead of the step). Then click on the step.

Same happens on the editor. The inspector window disappears and it won’t open.

The work around there is to click on the canvas and then inspector appears.

For me this has been happening for weeks or months. No one else mentioned it so I thought I was just “lucky” :disappointed:. Yes as @rico.trevisan says, double click the workflow to open up the properties inspector, once that inspector is open, the inspector works for the individual actions.

Good to know that I am not alone on this. Bubble needs to know about it, it is quite annoying!

I am having a similar issue. If I click on Workflows I can’t open the editing part. So I have to select the one I want. Close the workflow, then open in up and it will have the one I want to change selected. Very odd.

This is a new thing.

same here

Yes, this seems to be getting worse now. @bubble

I filed a bug at Bubble, let us see

+1 on Safari.

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