Workflows not setting custom states

Is anyone suddenly experiencing instances of workflows NOT successfully setting custom states?

These workflows worked fine yesterday. Wanted to hear from others before I submit a bug report.

That might be the problem in having. I posted here a couple of hours ago.

Sounds like what I am experiencing. I have custom dropdowns and those are the workflow that are having issues.

What OS and Browser are the problems on?


All browsers: chrome, safari and firefox.

Earlier states would occasionally stick in Safari but not anymore

Odd. My problem is the same. I know the custom states are not being set but only on Windows 10 and Chrome. Everything else is working for me. I just can’t fathom what’s going on and I’ve spent a ton of time already. Hope someone else chips in with ideas.

@eve , could you kindly check the patricia’s test page to verify this

@muneer.hameer, @patricia, if you’re experiencing trouble with your app, please do file a bug report so that our team can assist!

I’ll do that now @eve. I’m not convinced it’s not something stupid I’m doing so I hopped to check that with other bubblers on the forum first but I’ll post a big report now.

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I believe I am experiencing the same.

I have the following workflow set which includes settings the state of a reusable element to Opened Yes.

Immediately after, the following workflow automatically runs when I don’t believe is should because it should only run if the state is Opened No.

I could have just done something wrong but it did all work until recently.

As others appear to be experiencing something similar, i have filed a bug report based on the above.

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