Working on a new dashboard

Hi Everyone,

I was working on a basic starter kit for your next Bubble project. It will be released as a template soon. If you need anything in particular, feel free to shout out by messaging me and I’ll see what I can do for you :smiley:

I might drastically change the body of the dashboard content as that’s a bit busy at the moment but the main focus will be the navigation workflows, user authentication, billing integration and admin panel.

Demo page: Your Bubble app


Quite good.

Is it best practice to navigate to a new page for each of the side menu items or just use different states to display content of each menu item?

Well, it can be quite annoying to use page navigation for CRM’s. Especially when you want to have the best experience for customers. I’m using different states for this one along with reusable elements, so that it can be split up into multiple pages when needed.

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:yum: Thanks!

It should be when I’m finished. There’s no mobile container atm :wink:

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There’s a mobile view now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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how do i do to implement a calculated field in my database or even a text box?

Have a look here Lessons | Bubble, it should get you going :wink:

Very nice and smooth! I see many dashboard templates using hideable groups. Why did you chose states and reusable elements instead?

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Good question, it allows me to use animation effects. New users can also easily remove the animations and hide/show anything related to that specific action. I like to have more control.

Re reusable elements, makes it easier to copy across other pages or apps without having to worry about Workflow errors.

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that’s clever. my editor is so slow because of infinite groups.

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That’s also one reason to work with reusable elements. A more expensive option would be to upgrade your computer RAM. :slight_smile:

Nice page, thanks for sharing.

search for Statics

Is that the correct word? Or should it be Statistics? (on your homepage I saw “search for Messages”, too).

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That’s correct, I’ll update corrections to it soon. The search bar is one big reusable element, as for now I have used it on multiple sections without altering the text based on the menu’s state.

This is just the initial release. I will update it however asap. Thanks for your feedback @rico.trevisan

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@rico.trevisan @mmkontis

Kindly refer to this topic for future updates :slight_smile:
Link: [Template] Reakto Starter Kit