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Would be nice if a RG with 'Fixed Number of Cells' layout can be collapsed if there is not enough data to be shown

For the App we are developing, we want to add a simple ‘pagination’ solution, but this solution:

seems to only work on a RG with a ‘Fixed Number of Cells’ layout. (We are using Full List – but there’s no harm if we will change the layout)

My problem is that when using the layout ‘Fixed Number of Cells’ and if the data count returned is < the x amount of Rows being shown, there would be empty cells in the RG, which does not look good at all.

If there is a way to collapse the RepeatingGroup now (even when using Fixed Number of Cells layout), I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

One approach I’m looking for is to find other ways to do pagination on a RG. Let me know your thoughts! Thank you!

What you can do is to create two RGs. One with 10 rows and pagination and another with a full list. Put one above the other. Both invisible during page load.

In the page load, do a search to see the amount of items. If the amount is more then 10, show the RG with pagination. If not, show the RG with full list…

You can check the option to colapse both if invisible. That should work fine :wink:

Hi, thanks for replying. I’ve thought about this but this would be extremely inefficient on our app because this particular page has Sorts, Filters that uses this RepeatingGroup.

If I will be going to do that, I imagine I’ll have to do it tons of times which would not be very ideal

Example is:
Status of a particular Line can be: Accepted, Declined, Submitted, Responded, etc.

Aside from a Status, it will also use ‘Sort’ of each column.

Create a RG just as you want and duplicate it… all the configuration will be copied too! Just change the second RG to full list. They will be the same…

How you pretend to do the dynamic sorting?

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