Wrapped Native Apps Performance

Those of you with wrapped native apps - how is the performance of the native app vs web app?

I’ve got a wrapped app with live users and it seems REALLY buggy.

Buttons not always working, dynamic data not updating until app refresh (i.e RG’s not updating when a new thing added to database), workflows seem to fire a lot slower and input elements not always behaving.

Oh and when the native app is used on a tablet the app itself is only mobile size with the extra space filled up with a black border instead of expanding to fit the entire tablet screen.

Anyone else experience this?

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My web app has much better performance compared to same web app wrapped in Native Android app. Why this can be and how to fix it.

Hi. Are you still having this problem? I’m looking into creating a native app with a no-code tool but worried about this problem.

Are you still having this problem?

No - it was the wrapper causing this. So just test it out first :slight_smile:

Hey, I am looking at wrapping at the moment. Which wrapper did you find success with ?