Writing expression for option sets under 'parent group thing' when displaying initial data

I’m building a simple page which shows a list of team members in a repeating group. There is an Edit button next to each team member’s record for which will display a pop-up displaying the data of that person. One of the fields is for their title which is an option set displaying preselect options.

I’ve got all the data showing fine in the pop-up for the basic input fields using ‘parent’s group thing’, but for this drop down element, I’m not sure what the expression should be as it’s constantly is resulting in red. Just like the other elements, I simply want to display what the data is in the table for that person’s record which the user has clicked Edit for.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions!

Hi there, @JS7319… what does the issue checker say for that issue? I’m guessing it’s a type mismatch between the dropdown and the Title field, but the issue checker should tell you what’s going on.


Hi @mikeloc - it says ‘evaluates to a text’. Does this need to evaluate to the option set instead?

Yup. :slight_smile:

Is it the expression that need re writing, or does this change need to happen at the point of the data type in the Data tab?

The Title field should be tied to the option set instead of being a text field. You will have to delete that field and create a new one.

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