You cannot specify list-type data as a condition for "contains."

Why can’t we reference the state containing list data information in the “contains” item of a list field? Let me provide an example in progress.

There exists a data type called “Content,” which has a field named “Category.” The “Category” is of a list type and is an option set.

In this scenario, I would like to create a Repeating Group (RG) that allows multiple selections for the “Category” using checkboxes or tags, and then display the content with the selected categories. However, it seems that attempting to constrain the RG’s data source to show items where the “Category” contents match the “selected categories” is not working as expected.
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Why is this happening? The selected categories from the checkboxes are stored in a custom state and are being used as constraints. Furthermore, this setup works correctly when dealing with a single category. Could you please advise on how to achieve a successful match with multiple category data?

because contains is for a single item, you are asking to compare a list to a list.

quick search on the forum for filter a list by a list should return numerous threads on the topic. basically need to use advanced filter

It has been resolved. Thank you.

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