Your browser was unnable to load some necessary resources on bubble editor

Im getting this error message when accessing bubble website and also all my bubble projects.

It works fine when accessing through my cell phone (4g). I already contacted my internet provider and thers no block ou blacklist coming from them. And i not using any firewall.

Any help on how to solve this problem?

Hey there @NOcodeTREE,

Might be a long-shot, but try clearing your cache and cookies?

already did it… but no success

Try a different browser?

yes, same problem

So I’m assuming it’s some type of network issue because you said it worked through your phone? Have you checked your antivirus to see if it’s blocking?

it happens on my phone too wen conneted to my wifi.

So no antivirus or firewall issue…

Im assuming that is some kind of blacklist blocking… but no idea on how to find the origin (is my internet provider blocking cloudfront or cloudfront blocking my internet provider ip)?

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