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Youtube plugin not returning all videos

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a repeating group in my app that lists the youtube videos from my account using the Youtube plugin. Problem is that it is only showing the last 5 videos out of the 22 in my list on youtube. It’s a simple popup with a repeating group in it at the moment.

this is the URL to the app:

login with a youtube account, click on videos int he menu bar and then click the white plus in the blue box to the right to bring up the popup.

Hey @apps1 :slight_smile: I think the app may be set to private - can you switch to public?

If I switch to public apparently the domain will not work (See attachment)?

I’ve switched it to public. If the domain name stops working I will clone the app and set that to public :slight_smile:

Hmm… I think your setup looks correct! Have you gone through the steps discussed in the thread below? (I’m assuming you have since some of the videos are being shown)

Yup. The youtube data API is enabled.

If you try to display the videos instead of the thumbnail in each cell, does it still not display the full list?

Nope. I get only five with either an image or a video. Theres over 20 videos in my list on Youtube :frowning:

So odd, :frowning: I wish I could be more helpful! I don’t have any videos on my YouTube account, but does this also happen with other Users’ YouTube accounts? Maybe a fellow Bubbler with a video list can test.

If it still doesn’t show the full list, perhaps filing a bug report would be best?

Bug Report Form:

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