Difficulties with YouTube Videos plugin

Hello everyone, hope this message finds you well.

First, a big thanks to @emmanuel and all involved in Bubble development - I just want to hug you all. This is a dream come true for me, as a brazilian designer turned developer, and now, thanks to Bubble, focusing my energy on designing again while still developing my ideas for the world.

Second, this is the first wall I’m hitting after a full on week of development, and I don’t really know if it’s a wall or just me overseeing something simple.

I’ve installed YouTube Videos plugin, added the Developer’s credentials, authorized the response URL in youtube, and created the button to login/logout with youtube and then display logged in user youtube videos in a repeating group. But no luck in showing these videos yet.

In summary, I need to show each of my user’s own youtube public videos after they connect their account with youtube. Any thoughts on my sample youtube-videos app? And here’s a link for the editor.

cheers, have an awesome day.

You probably want to post a link to the editor since you’re asking for help troubleshooting how things are setup in the editor.

Good point, @blueback09. Edited original post, and here’s the link:
youtube videos sample app

cheers :slight_smile:

One way to do this is as follows (I’m sure there are other ways)

  1. Set your Repeating Group’s type of content to text
  2. Set the video element’s video id to current cell’s text
  3. In your workflow, on button click, after logging the user in with youtube, display data in your repeating group (Current User’s YouTube Videos)

Some screenshots that may help:

hello @louisadekoya, thank you very much for your suggestion. I’ve done as described, but still no luck. And I’m also getting a weird notice with this setup. References below:

Test app links:

new test page
page editor


Hmm, it works in my app and as far as I can see, you’ve set it up correctly. I can only assume therefore that it’s something to do with your API credentials, but then again, it gets past the point where the API would normally give an error.

Yes, I understand. I’m rechecking the API but no issues found on that end yet. Thanks for you support anyway. Let’s see if anyone else has another tip. cheers :slight_smile:

No problem. It may be worth starting over - uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it I mean. As I said, it works perfectly fine for me with the exact same setup. The only difference of course being our credentials. My link: https://fortracie.bubbleapps.io/version-test/testuploadvideo

Hello guys, I’m having the same trouble than @korody with my youtube videos. Actually, after signing up, it seems like the plugin doesn’t even see my videos. I tried to test it by putting the number of an user’s youtube videos in a text. It counts zero video when i actually have 50 of them. Maybe a problem with the way we configure our google developement console?
Thanks for your help! ^^

hey @tjybet!

my issue was - and probably yours is too - that I hadn’t activated the the google API for that specific account, thus no videos were being shown.

Access your google developer console, navigate to the dashboard section, and check if your api is active :wink:

– "
Damn !
Thanks ! It was soooo simple ahahha

Hey there @korody. Hope everything’s going well there! I’m trying to get the Youtube plugin working. I see in the pluginsection, Bubble’s asking for my youtube app secret. I see references to a Facebook App Secret all over… However, I can’t find mention of a Youtube/Google ‘app secret’ listed anywhere…

Can you shed some light on this?


Hey @ashley.benson.tait , how is everything going there? :slight_smile:

to get your app secret, you need to activate your Youtube v3 api here and then navigate to ‘credentials’ on the left menu and create one for your app. Then you’ll have you app secret :wink:

let me know if you hit any blocks, cheers!

Hey, Thanks Korody!

I had figured out by lots of trial and error. Thanks for the friendly input! I’ll contact you again if I hit another roadblock on this topic. Have a great week!



great to know @ashley.benson.tait!

have a good one :slight_smile:

@korody I see my API Key, but I don’t see an option to create a Secret anywhere. Any ideas? image

hey @soresong! :slight_smile: hope this message finds you wel…

once you create your credentials, you should see your Secret there.

not all credential have a Secret though. I’m not familiar with the details why, but apparently oAuths have a client Secret but normal Api Key credential don’t have one.

if your app is asking for a Secret, you may need a oAuth credential.

cheers. :smiley:

Hey Louis, how did you set up your youtube login? I’m having trouble with mine currently. Not sure whether I’m using the wrong credentials or not. Hope this message finds you well. Any feedback is much appreciated.

@mnbbow, are you simply trying to use the YouTube plugin to login and retrieve your videos? If so, I didn’t have to do any major setup. I think the plugin only needs an app secret and a key. I think you have to go to the google developer console to get those. Sorry to be so vague, it’s been quite some time since I last looked at this. I see that you’ve also started a new thread on this. Hopefully someone who has set it up more recently will be able to assist better.

Yes, I want all users videos to load once they signed up. I’ve obtained the secret & key but for some reason keep getting an error message from google. Do I have to fill in the ‘optional’ parts in the authentication slot?