YouTube Complete Plugin Configuration HELP!

OK, here is the scenario. I am sure many of you need to do this basic functionality but might be having problems too. There is no video out there going over the proper config as far as I can find and I am just plain stumped. Here is what I am trying to do…

I have a personal playlist on youtube that I want to display for all the users of my app to see the videos. Sounds simple. I am sure it is, but I am just inexperienced. I want to be able to add and subtract videos from this playlist outside the app, but all the users of the app will just see a listing (including video) of all my items in that particular playlist.

So here is what I have done so far…

  1. I have installed the youtube complete plugin.
  2. I have put my apikey into the plugin page for the youtube complete plugin.
  3. Placed a repeating group on the page.
  4. Attempted to configure repeating group. Playlist ID: PL4GXAqBuYWUKYLl08sLho3tXfTkoX5meC

I have 2 videos in the playlist; however, I could get nothing to appear in repeating group.

Here are some screenshots from the steps.



I am not sure what I missed or what I configured wrong, but I am receiving no results in the repeating group… Ideas?

The app link is:

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Anyone? This will probably help a lot of people… including me!

Hi @bkhoward2001, you’re missing a few steps, I’ll send you a PM

Why PM? This was posted on the forum for a reason, it would help a lot of people with the same problem if you just posted the solution here.


Hi Mishav, can you explain more steps about your plugin plzzzz

Yes can you tell ús all how to do it pls ? Thanks

Thibault, as tu trouvé finalement comment récupérer la liste de videos youtube du coup ?
Merci beaucoup

Pour l’instant j’ai pas investigué plus que ça, piste de réflexion, le plugin est un authentificateur donc doit passer par un Id Google pour fonctionner.

@thibault.marty I found out how to import automatically youtube videos into data table in Bubble btw :

  1. RSS feed from youtube to retrieve link in a google sheet + formular in excel to retrieve videos ID
  2. Integromat ou Zapier to retrieve new videos on google sheet and then integromat to feed the data table in Bubble


Thank you, I’ll search a solution this way :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
I’m struggling with the same thing. anyone could help me, please?

I have enabled the YouTube API

I’ve created API key and Oauth

Added the API key and secret

Even used the default retrieval settings

but I get empty results.

Ok I solved this myself. this API wasn’t working for me so I created manual API integration with YouTube. works like a charm.

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hey how did you do that?

Use the API Conner plugin (by Bubble) to create a new API connection:

  1. Select “Authentication” as “Private key in URL”. create a key name, named “key” and paste your API key

Then create a request “Get videos”

You can use that option by clicking on “Get data from an external API”

Thanks very much for this

With the parameters, Is the ID the channel id?

I would like to have a repeating group with videos from a specific playlist(a channels uploaded videos playlist) do you have an idea of how this could be done?

I was able to do it by using the YouTube get playlist.

then on the repeating group I used the playlist ID

the got the video ID from this

Pretty amazing what you can do with API really…

Now on to figuring out how I can embed IG feed from specific accounts

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Could you use this to upload videos as well if you have credentials or do you need to use oauth2 for that? Love to know how i can upload to channels I control