Zapier and Google Sheets

Hola folks. So I have got a weird one occurring on me. I have an app that has two input pages that come together into a “summary” page that the user can review before finishing their process. When the user clicks a button I’d like to send the data from this page to google sheets.

As such, I have set up a Zapier and mapped out the correct fields. In the testing phase it works great and has no issues. The new row is created and the correct info is displayed instantly. The issue is when i try to trigger the workflow.

I go to trigger a zap as an action and select the correct trigger but I cannot for the life of me figure out the “zap thing” field. I have about 7 things i need to send to google sheets but none of these seem to be sending. It gives me an error in the preview saying

“Zap Thing is Missing, please select a zap thing”

This is deeply confusing since I know it works in testing when I set it up in zapier, now I cannot figure our what the zap thing is I need to connect. Here are some screenshots.

Solved by using Bubble API Connector and Sheety, easier!