Zapier fields not displaying text

Hi bubble forum, i have set up a zap which sends user info to send a gmail. when I test it zap setup it is successful and email is sent fine. when I use it in for real the actual text isn’t displayed but the field parameters are. Any ideas?
Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 6.10.52 pm Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 6.11.06 pm

I’m having the same issue …

@max5 this worked for me, from Zapier support

Indeed it’s a bug in Bubble app that we have already reported to them, the field in the editor is {{117352110__user_email_text}} but when running live the field is {{117352110__user email}} and the same for username, the editor is like this: {{117352110__username_text}} but when running live it’s: {{117352110__username}}
You can edit the Zap and add the placeholders I sent you above, it shall work, but I would appreciate it if you file a bug report with Bubble as well, they asked if that’s something you can do for further investigation, you can do it here: Bug Report | Bubble