Zapier API Issue

Has anyone run into an issue with data sent from Bubble to Zapier being “empty?”

Here’s the Bubble Workflow:
Create Thing (Text Email Address)
Trigger Zap from Plugins Menu

Then in Zapier:
Retrieve data from Zap trigger (testing works)
Post Thing (Text Email Address) to Chosen App (testing works)

When testing, everything works. In real life though, I get an error about the “Text Email field” being empty no matter what my Chosen App is.

I’ve tested with Sheets, Airtable, and Drip - all individually. The errors in Zapier are attributed to the Chosen Apps - BUT when I test each of these chosen apps with Trigger Data from a place other than Bubble (Google Forms for example), the Chosen Apps receive the data just fine. This makes me thing there is an issue with the way Bubble is sending data (or sending empty data fields) to Zapier that the Chosen Apps then cannot accept.

Here are some sample error messages.

“The app returned “Could not find field “fields” in the request body”.”

“Required field “Email Address” (email) is missing.”

The Zap shows as having run successfully - but the Text Email Address never actually makes it into the Sheet. The rows are blank but I do not receive an error message.

I have the Data API exposed for the appropriate Thing in my Settings. Any thoughts on what might be missing?

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Hi Lauren,

I’m expiriencing the same issue… Did you manage to find a solution?

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