Zapier with different

How can I configure to trigger a single Zap in Zapier based on a form submission that involves data from multiple different data types: WeeklyTable, DailyTable, Expenses, and Mileage Expenses? My objective is to collect and send data from all these tables simultaneously to Zapier when the submit button is clicked, and then use this data to populate a Google template. Each table uses a sessionId to identify specific records. Although I can set up individual Zaps for each data type, my challenge lies in needing to consolidate data from all four tables into a single Zap trigger. How can I achieve this integration, ensuring that data from all specified data types are sent together to Zapier for processing in my Google template?

Thx in advance.

You could use the API connector on Bubble’s end and then use the raw HTTP request on Zapier’s end. It might be a little tedious to set up but it will be very customizable and reliable.

Thanks for your suggestion:
Not the best on zapier, so i guess you mean create a webhook in zapier, then create an api call to the webhook address as a post, however, unsure how to set up the workflows to get the inforamtion to pass ?