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Zeroqode mapbox plugin problem on mobile

Hello. I bought the zeroqode Mapbox plugin, but I can see it has some bugs on the mobile view. After I connected the Mapbox map with a workflow of [On page load = Start location tracking on mapboxmap] it does the job of tracking the current user location, but when I open on mobile view and try to drag it to another location, it automatically drags me back to the current user location and its so frustrating because there is no way I can zoom out to see other location on the map. Does anybody have a solution to the problem? I will appreciate it.



@developer7 I think you have to turn off Location Tracking to stop the automatic recentering on the current pos.

However, the zooming is also reset to the initial setting set up using “Start Location Tracking”. Soo the user cannot zoom in and out using pinching or with the MapBox +/- button. I tried to have my own +/- buttons using first “Set Zoom” then “Start Location Tracking” using a value from a state with the zoom value. I still zooms to the original value.


  • when pinch zooming the user can “Create route onClick” even if that’s not enabled.
  • the route is not always drawn, but the MapBox route input fields show the addresses.

And a question. In your example app you have a 3 sec delay before executing setting up directions. Is that a delay to ensure the map is ready for work (as one needs to check that Google Maps are ready before executing commands)?

Can you help out @levon @ZeroqodeSupport?

Best Peter

Hi @philledille ,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, it is done just to give some time so it handles the execution properly.

Sorry @developer7 for such a delay. If you still experience the same troubles, please let us know. A screencast would be super helpful, so we can see the behavior on your side and try to replicate on ours.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team


Did you notice my additional issues above?

  1. Zooming when location tracking is not in harmony.
  2. Pinching sets route.
  3. Directions not always showing up: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
  4. Style breaking the map: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Please advice.

Best, Peter

Any updates on this @ZeroqodeSupport? :grinning:

Hi @philledille ,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for late reply. :pray:

Please let us investigate this one on our side as well, with a couple of testing rounds, then get back to you with working solutions asap.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hi @philledille,

We’re reaching out with an update. After a couple of testing rounds and MapBox investigation, the thing is that On page load it really may take a while until it loads and manages to display the route and also zoom in. Unfortunately, it is not plugin-related but pure Bubble. The possible workarounds would be: either removing the Location Tracking, or playing around with the pause before next action so it actually manages to handle everything.

Regarding styles, the Custom one is working properly on our side, and it should be running smoothly on yours as well, but it is important to set the style properly. MapBox needs to approve the created style so it is registered in their database, and you’ll be able to set it via plugin. This link should be helpful - check this link

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Big thanks for looking into and coming back on this so swiftly.

Cheers, Peter