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Ziggeo not showing video for the last 24 hours

Hi all.

We had Ziggeo working fine till recently but for the last 24 hours, we can’t see the video’s playing (there is no thumbnail either in the preview). I see they have a notification that there are some upgrades which may be causing the issue.

Here is a test app configured with Ziggeo and below is the test link. You can see for the 2 video’s uploaded it displays the title in the group but won’t play the video.

App :

Preview :

We’re currently pushing a fix.

Thanks @emmanuel.

Can you suggest a rough time on when it will be fixed ? We are developing a couple of apps basing on this and it helps know the time.

Thank you.

Is it not fixed yet? if so, please submit a bug report. We fixed 9h ago the bug we saw on the page, but there could be more.

Hi @emmanuel You are correct, its fixed. !

I just didn’t expect it to be resolved so quickly, I now see why you closed the bug.

Thanks to your team,