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Zoom Images to fill

Does anyone know how to zoom an image to fill till borders?

Right know I can only see this

example of Zooming

Is this what you are looking for?

As an example:

I have a popup that accepts an image upload and it’s dimensions are 100 x 70

When I click create it will save the image thumbnail but it will zoom/crop to fit first:

Then, later on, on the contact card, I show the image, but using a different set of dimensions that are proportionally the same (150 x 105 is 1.5 times the size of 100 x 70)


Original image

(ignore the images to the right and just focus on the koala , notice it has been zoomed/cropped)


For profile pics, to achieve circle, just apply a 100 roundness to the image

Thanks for detailed explanation, much appreciated. Will give that a try…