Zoom Integration - adding new meeting/webinar registrants

I’ve been having trouble setting up the Zoom Plugin by Copilot, but it’s not even clear to me if that is what I need.

I don’t need to have Zoom calls from the app, but all I want to do is the following.

  1. Click a button in the app to create a new Zoom meeting or webinar, and then have it return the Meeting ID and Passcode information so I can add that information into an event I’m scheduling.
  2. When someone registers for my event it will send the registration information to the Zoom meeting or webinar.

In the past I used Integromat or Zapier, but it required me to setup a new integration wih the proper meeting or webinar for each event. I’m trying to automate this process by making it so when I create the event it will setup the Zoom meeting, and link it with the event. So when people register for the event it knows which meeting/webinar in Zoom to add the registration to.

I thought maybe I could do this with the Zoom webhooks, but while trying to set that up I could not get the initialization working to connect to the Bubble backend workflow.

I’m new to all this, so I think it’s above my skill level, and I’m not able to find any tutorials on the topic. I assumed this would be something a lot of people would use, but it seems most the plugins talk about adding meeting capabilities into the app which is not what I’m looking to do.

I need to do something similar if not the exact same thing; but have yet to fully research what’s out there. Have you found any answers?

Would this address the difficulties you’ve had? https://zeroqode-demo-21.bubbleapps.io/zoom?button=meetings

I’ve not found a solution yet, but I’ve not looked at this one in a while. It looks like that app might work, but would have to test it out. Do you think the app would work for you?

I’m definitely going to find out. Unfortunately I’m time crunched right now so won’t be able to dive into this feature for a few more weeks. But I want to say very strongly that I trust ZeroQode the plug-in creator. They do high quality work. And they are responsive on forum for issues that arise. I’m optimistic their plug in will work as promised. Also they updated it late last year which is a good sign.

Unrelated to this issue; I saw one of your recent posts about timezones. I have some thoughts for you but will respond on that thread.

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hello, did you find any solution? I have the same problem too :((

No, what I ended up doing was setup reoccurring events in Zoom, and just reusing them. Were I used to have registrations turned on in Zoom I now have those turned off so anyone with the link can just join. As long as I keep those links/passcode private it seems to work. Anytime I setup a new event I just need to setup a new Zoom event to link manually. It’s not perfect, but it works for now.