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1 issue to fix - not visible


I m having a issue to fix but i cannot see where:

Anyone else has the same?

@emmanuel - can you maybe help here?
I can’t deploy the app because of this error and i don’t know where to find and fix it :slight_smile:

i found the error but maybe there is a bug somewhere here. Below you can see more

For stuff like that screenshots aren’t enough. Please file a bug report.

I’ve had the same problem for the last few days. Bug report filed.

@emmanuel here can be “hidden” errors when the input fields are hidden and not empty.
For instance if you define a Custom Event with a type of thing and you trigger it. If later on you make the Custom Event Type of thing - free, the issue checker still considers the Data you’ve definie on the trigger action, whereas the data input is hidden.
Hope i’ve been clear

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A bug report would be more clear :slight_smile: