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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

good morning
Thanks for the plugin.

I am exporting and a field is a list of products.

How can I make the exported document jump in rows each field of the list.
attached image
I only get comma delimited

this is the fw i have

You have to base the export around the list of products rather that the thing that contains the list of products.

What a shame to bother, can you give me an example of how it would be? the truth is not clear to me.

hey hey @eli thank you for taking the time to make the video. I understand how to do now.

For the big files subject, what do you mean by “Generate the json incrementally through a recursive workflow.” ?

Hey guys. Once the CSV file is created through a backend workflow, how do I email a link to it? Right now, I am only getting the Base64 text. Does this need to be saved somewhere before I can get a url link? I have tried saving it as a database thing but that doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something? Thanks!

hey @jason.h so assuming you’ve used the 2 steps to process and create the file (like this)

The the file you’ve created will be in File Manager. You can always add an additional step to "email results of step X " to someone which will send the URL

Cheers - John

@eli hey did you ever record the tutorial for exporting large files? My app is timing out right now which is preventing exports for our customers. Thanks for this plugin!

Hi @eli
I would like to generate a CSV from a recursive workflow. It’s possible? if yes, do you have an example?

Eli, this is fantastic. Danke!

A note to future me: in the Create CSV from JSON action, don’t forget to escape quotes ". So go forth and :find & replace find " and replace with \".

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Which plugin was it? Would be great to know so we don’t introduce compatibility issues with our app that’s using 1T - CSV. :slight_smile:

It has been the Plug-in named „Styled Checkbox“… I removed it from my repository back then.

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First of all, thank you for this awesome plugin! We’ve been using it to allow users to generate on-demand and scheduled reports.

The frontend is working beautifully. The backend is working, as well, though as soon as we implemented the backend scheduled reports, we started seeing massive capacity spikes. I worked with Bubble, and it took about a week, but we narrowed it down to 1 workflow action. Here’s what they said, “It looks like the action ‘Create CSV from JSON (SSA)’ is taking up roughly a quarter of the capacity.”

This is happening when the workflow action is running only once, so when we have multiple in a short span, it’s crashing our app. I’d love to buy some of your time to take a look at this with me and see if there are ways to optimize either our app or your plugin.

Now that the beast is unleashed with scheduled reports, which was a highly-requested feature, I can’t take it away, but I’m concerned at how this is going to scale when running just a few of these at a time crashes the app. I’d really love to get your help.

@eli just wondering if you got a chance to take a look at my comment above. Again, happy to pay for your time; I’m hoping to not need an external service, which would mean I’d have to hire a dev to hook up via API. I’m hoping looking at this hiccup with you might reveal an opportunity to utilize the plugin without having to use something a lot more expensive.

Anyone come across this:

Workflow error - Error parsing data from 1T - CSV Creator:

Hey @samnichols, I think the issue is likely not in the plugin action but in the process of pulling the data together to create the JSON. I’ve seen this before where large data sets were being exported.

Hit my DMs and we can schedule a time to look at it. I’ll try to put a video together tonight as well that walks through setting up a recursive workflow to assemble the JSON before running the action to create the CSV

Hey @jeffrey.j.obrien, do you have private set to TRUE?

Hello everyone, and special thanks to @eli for this great plugin. I have been using it for a couple months with great results. Thank you!

Would it be possible to add extra lines to the file, and have those lines have values in certain columns? I have a list of items, each with its quantity and cost. I would like to add a line a for sales tax at the end of the entire list of items, and have that sales tax come from a field in bubble as well. Is this possible?

In yellow I mark the fields I would populate. The “Description” would say " Sales Tax", and the “Value” field would have the Bubble field’s value for that orders sales tax.


@eli just sent you a PM. Thank you!

Hi @eli @jeffrey.j.obrien , :wave:

Same issue for me. Private is set to TRUE.
That’s wird the workflow was just working fine a couple days ago.

Any ideas ?

Thanks :pray:

@eli Yes, I have it set to TRUE:

Any ideas?