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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

@NGBK @jeffrey.j.obrien Would one of you be able to try this with the action that doesn’t create a private file to see if you have the same issue? I’ve made no changes to the plugin recently so this may be an issue with Bubble’s fileupload endpoint.

Want to drop this here for anyone running into the issue of timeouts on the backend action. A simple walkthrough of how to create your JSON in batches using a recursive workflow.


What is the biggest table/rows/record that can be uploaded?

(I need to upload 9,000 at a time…:hot_face:)

@eli @jeffrey.j.obrien , i’ve tried with the action “CSV Creator - New file from base64”. it works juste fine for me

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@eli @NGBK - I checked today and its working ok. I didn’t change anything.

No parsing issues. Not sure what caused it.

Thanks for help.

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I am trying to use the privacy feature of “CSV Creator - New Private File from Base64”.
I’m not sure what to put in the attach_to field (param.) for the moment I tried with user ID or company ID (data related to my application modeling) but impossible to download the file (permission problem). Would it be possible to have more information on what to put in the attach_to field?

Also I tried to go to the documentation ( but it asks me is this normal?

Thank you in advance for your feedback

hey @thinus are you uploading or creating the CSV? see this post 1T - CSV Uploader import limit? - #4 by eli where @eli talks about upload limits.

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