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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

@eli I’ve been playing with Server side file generation as this seems to be more reliable when creating files with larger data sets. Is there a way to make the file private? Great plugin btw.

Hi @eli
The action “Send JSON to CSVCreator A” and the event “CSVCreator A has created your file” wouldn’t work on my mobile deveice.

Is it something pluging’s system problem?

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I am trying to dynamically add columns to the JSON (and the generated CSV) using arrays, but I have spent many hours without getting any result. Does anyone have experience about how to structure a JSON in Bubble so that the number of columns vary depending on the existing number of items ? Thank you for any help.

Hey @eli ,

Thanks for the amazing plugin!

I am trying to use the plugin in the backend workflows.

Step 1: I used the “[beta] CSV from JSON (SSA)”
Step 2: I realized the output of Step 1 is Base64 file. So I used the “CSV Creator - Create File from Base64”
However, in Step 2, it asks for the websiteHome path. I am not sure what to enter there.

I randomly tried entering the website url of my Bubble app and it gave this error

Erli, good morning!
I sent a message in private. could check please.

Just responded in DM

@karthik, you should use the dynamic expression website home url. It will create the file in the file manager of your app.

Hi @KeitaroNakata, make sure the CSVCreator element is visible on the page. But shouldn’t be any issue with running on a mobile device.

@dehacked79 I will add this option to the plugin at some point. In the meantime you could set up the API connector to do this using the settings below.

Here’s the connector setup that I’m using. You would just need to add the following parameters:
private = true
attach_to = things unique id

@stefanof, this would require some use of the :format as text within the JSON object. For instance, rather than specifying all the columns manually, you would add a list inside the JSON object.

    "column 1":"column 1 value",
    "column 2":"column 2 value",
    Some list:format as text

This list would then be formatted as

"new column":"new column value"

with a comma as a delimiter.

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction. I’ll try to help more if you want to give additional details about the data setup and specific results needed.


Hey @eli, first off THANK YOU for the great plugin and all your continued help.

I’m getting this error message

I’m certain it’s because of the way I’m doing the search in the “JSON CONTENT” section. I’m doing it based on values contained in a multiselect dropdown.

Is it just not capable of doing the search based on a multiselect dropdown or am I just doing it incorrectly?