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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

The create a dynamic csv file will not do nested lists, you are correct. Have you tried the setup above without the :format as JSON safe on the entire text? That’s likely to not work well on the full text.

Hey @Sarah_Esteve,

No, you haven’t done anything wrong. The url when creating the file is returned as a text by Bubble and has those double quotes at the start and end of the value.

I use a :find and replace on the url to find the " and then replace them with nothing and that works fine.


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Hi Matthew!

There is a limitation that is not documented on the plugin where it will only create up to 50 files at a time. How many rows are in the file you are uploading and what size are you batching it down to?

The file I’m trying is about 160 lines ago and it still doesn’t work.
Even with its own 100-line file that your plugin generates, it still didn’t work.

I’m reducing it to 100 lines

But on the user’s front-end there will be files of up to 5000 lines :frowning:

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So here’s an interesting situation which I’ve been unable to figure out on my own. I’m trying to give users the option to define their csv file via parameters. In this use case they can define one of 7 data types for each of 5 columns. I can build it manually in theory but I’ll have 16 000 conditional workflow steps so that is a no-go. I then tried defining a custom state for each column so I can just feed the state to 1T. ie. 35 conditional states to define which field contains which data. Unfortunately bubble does not support this.
Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Oi @eli, essa atualização já está disponível?
Espero que sim, Obrigado!

Oi @eli, essa atualização já está disponível?
Espero que sim, Obrigado!

When i try to download a list of Nodes’ Topics, the .csv only shows the first Topic of each Node.

All of these objects have more than one “topic” that should be in each cell in the Topics column. I want it to show in each cell: “Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3”.

Is there a problem with displaying lists in each cell since it would mess up the csv file if there were commas? Can another deliminator be used? I can’t format as text since bubble expects a list of texts, what other way to format this could get the desired outcome?

Here is the setup:
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 5.36.23 PM

hey hey @eli

My csv is correctly output, but with an empty field, where data is a list from another datatype (statut-changements).

What do I miss ?

thks !!!

Hi @Sarah_Esteve,

The field you notated is only a single item. It still should be exporting though. Is there data for sure being returned after the list is filtered?

@vincent.l.arena The ‘Create a Dynamic CSV’ action does not support exporting lists. You will need to use the JSON to CSV action for that functionality.

oh I understand well, if I use first item, no need brackets.

It works fine now. thank you !

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Hey @ccatalano - did you figure this out? I’m getting the same error. It works on other exports (smaller lists with 10-15 items) but for exporting a list of members where there are 150+ line items, I get that error.

This looks like it’s been asked a couple times but I don’t see a response.

Is there a limit to the number of items that can be exported? I get this error for anything more than 99 items:

I use the plugin in several other places of my app and it works just fine. Here’s my set up:

If anyone has a workaround for lists with more than 100 items, let me know!

hey @eli was wondering if you had any comments or suggestions for exporting lists larger than 100 people? I get an error whenever I try to do that.

Thanks again for this plugin! it’s been a lifesaver

Hey Toby, it should definitely do more than 100 rows but it will time out on the front end if it takes longer than 30 seconds to retrieve the data.

Are you pulling in a lot of related records?

Oops just saw the image above. The search on ERG Members is probably causing issues. Try removing that search and see if it performs better.

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