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1T - CSV Creator 3.0

Fixed, thank you!

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@adunniola, the Create a Dynamic CSV File and the Create CSV from JSON actions only have the ability to allow the user to download the file.

In order to access the file as a value on the page element (CSVCreator A) and trigger the event when it is created, you will need to use the Send JSON to CSV Creator action.

Hope that helps!

excellent. Got it. Thank you so much

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hi @eli , thank you for your great plugin.

I use 1T - CSV Creator plugin to download csv data, but have a problem now.

if the data has empty culumn(field), the csv output doesn’t allow the empty row, which means each row has disjointed data.

Is it possible to fix the specification?

@KeitaroNakata. If you use the Create CSV from JSON action you should not have this issue.

Oh, I didn’t know that.
Thank you I will try it.

Hi, @eli !

Probably a silly question, specially because the plugin clearly states “CSV”. However, do you plan to expand to or create another that allows to upload XLSX files?

Thanks and regards!

Hi @eli … Super plugin! Just stuck with one issue, when the CSV is downloaded it shows all the apostrophe " ’ " in the text as " ’ “. For example,” you’re" becomes “you’re”

Any Idea why this is happening?


Hey @CapiBalid, It’s possible at some point but not likely anytime soon :slight_smile:

@alan.thomas111997, I’m not sure why.

Which action are you using to create the CSV?

Thanks for your reply, @eli! Let me know if you switch your policy to accept someone to sponsor it, in order to make it happens. Regards!

I’m using Send JSON to CSV creator action

Hi, could anyone help me as to why this isn’t working please?

From what I can see the JSON is correct, I’ve had success with this plugin previously and the JSON follows the same rules as previous but it keeps throwing me errors.

Thank you