5 simple improvements for Bubble

Having worked with bubble for a while now on a pretty complex app and had a solid look around at alternative systems I have concluded Bubble is by far the best app builder on the market by a very wide margin. However it has some quite easily fixed deficiencies which I think would save everyone a lot of unnecessary messing around. Sure you can build these things with bubble but if I wanted to do everything from scratch I’d use another tool.

  1. A standard set of dialogue boxes built into workflows
    a) Alerts
    b) Questions A|B
    c) multi-select box

  2. A tabbed group (max 4)

  3. A note view on workflows so you can keep track of the intentions for each code block

  4. A new kind of micro-reusable graphical library element called Gadgets users define from icons
    Gadgets are either Switch or Display graphic elements which connect to specific user databases
    with specific behaviour. Yes, you can build these and copy and paste them in Bubble but having
    a library of them would speed things up enormously

  5. and the absolute hardest, some way to visually debug and track states. It’s really hard to know what they are doing, even in step through. (It would also be fabulous if one could set standard enumerations for the whole app - but yes, I’m getting greedy).

Keep up the great work!

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#3 would be very useful!

There are Notes you can set on Workflows, is that what you mean for number 3?


A couple of your suggestions already exist.

2) A tabbed group (max 4). There already is a tabbed group that you can add as many tabs as you desire.

3) A note view on workflows so you can keep track of the intentions for each code block There’s also a notes view available for each workflow step.

Dangit. You posted that while I was typing mine. :frowning:

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No, he means for the whole Work-flow block not the individual work-flows. So this could be done by adding this option to Work-flow folders.

Something like this would work

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I like no#5 it will be useful to visually debug and track states.

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Would be helpful if there was a way to visually know if a note existed for an element or workflow, right now the note icon looks the same regardless if there is a note or not. Maybe if a note(s) existed the icon would be blue or any color different from the default gray.

I must have missed the tabbed group, where is it?

I also missed it for a long time :slight_smile: It’s at the very bottom of the element list, in “Element templates”.

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Thanks for that. I must have seen it once and thought, ‘that’s great’ and then lost track of it again.



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